Wednesday, November 3, 2010

PEM Editor Tip: Working with more than one form or class open

This is a warning about a possible trap you can fall into when you have two or more forms or classes open at the same time.

The point is this:  When you click on a method code window, PEM Editor (like Property Window) does not recognize what form or class it belongs to.

This is very important for PEM Editor, because if you then either use PEM Editor directly (e.g., to add a property or method), or indirectly (using some of the IDE tools), you may be making modifications to the wrong form or class.

(You can reproduce this behavior for yourself.  Open up FormA, method MethodA.  Then, open up Form B, method Method B.  Now click on MethodA -- PEM Editor, like Property Window, still shows FormB!)

The remedy for this is simple enough. The title caption for PEM Editor shows what form/class it is working on.  If you are editing a method code window, and the title caption in PEM Editor does not match, then click on the form / class you are editing, and PEM Editor will get in sync.

Two final points:
  1. You may have noted that PEM Editor changes the title captions for forms and method code windows, for your enlightenment.  In particular, if you have a form/class open and also open a backup code of the same form/class, the title caption in each helps you distinguish between the current copy and its backup.
  2. PEM Editor does not actually know when you have two or more forms/classes open.  It only knows about the current form/class, and has no way of knowing about any others that are open but not active.

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