Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PEM Editor tip: Group filter (new feature)

This is a new feature in version 6.50.

A new option, 'Groups' has been added in the Filter section. This feature is modelled after the 'Layout', 'Data', and 'Other' tabs in the Property Sheet.


The list of groups and the items in each group may be customized. There are two tables, GroupNames and PEMNameGroups, which can be copied from the 'Sample Plug-Ins' folder into the 'Live Plug-Ins' folder and modified as follows:
  1. You can create new groups by adding records to GroupNames. (One new group is already created in the file). You can also change the order of display by setting the values in the field {DisplayOrd}
  2. You can identify the items in the new group, or add records to the pre-defined system groups, by adding records into PEMNameGroups. The names are not case-sensitive and may appear in more than one group.
  3. You can remove records from the pre-defined system groups by adding a record into PEMNameGroups and setting the {Removed} flag

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