Friday, October 22, 2010

PEM Editor Planned Enhancements

This page is reserved for ERs that are planned for inclusion in PEM Editor.

"Planned" is somewhat inaccurate, though.  "Intended" is probably closer.  The intent is that items that appear here will be included in PEM Editor, at some un-promised time in the future, when all technical issues have been resolved.

Please feel free to comment on the items listed here.  To make any other suggestion, please use Suggest New Features.
  • Extract to Method should append the normal function header (via plug-in)
  • Extension to Go To Definition (code courtesy of Doug Hennig)
    • Search through #Defines and #Includes for constant definitions
    • Search through PRGs for Procedure and Function definitions
  • Source Code Control (idea courtesy of Bhavbhuti Nathwani)
    • MRU menu items and 'Open' forms can conditionally check out items from SCC.
  • Modifications to Change Parent Class
    • List of items to paste should include all non-default properties and methods as well as any properties, even if default, which are different between the two objects.

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