Sunday, October 24, 2010

PEM Editor Release 6.11.01 (Alpha) Release Notes

This release contains a number of small, localized enhancements, listed here in no obvious order. 

As always with an Alpha release, remember that this code is very new.  It is submitted for your testing, review, and comments.  Use at your own risk.

You can download this release from here.

(1)  Go To Definition
has been enhanced to simplify the process of creating new methods and properties as you are writing code.  

When you use Go To Definition (either by using a hot key -- suggested as F12, or from the pull-down menu), and the name you are searching for is not found, PEM Editor will ask if you want to add it as a new property or method.  Thus, if you have entered the following (referencing a not-yet defined method),

You can then press F12 (Go to Definition) and you will be given the following options:

If you create a new method, as you can see, you can begin editing it immediately.  You can return to the original method you were editing by pressing F7 (previous)

If you create a new property, it is created with its normal default value.  It will be the currently selected property in the PEM Editor grid, if you need to make any other modifications to it (description, etc.)

(2)  Enhanced Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C have been enhanced. (Yup)

There are new variants for Enhanced Ctrl+X and Enhanced Ctrl+C (suggested keystrokes Alt+X and Alt+C respectively) which append the selected text to the clipboard instead of replacing the contents of the clipboard.  This allows you to build up the clipboard by a series of selecting/copying actions.  Note that these new variants are referred to as 'Additive'.

(3)  There is a new option in the right-click context menu for the combobox to add new objects to containers (forms, pages, containers, and columns).

This option has been added specifically to simplify adding objects to columns of grids. Note it uses PEM Editor's 'Find Class' screen, modeled after the search screen in Code Reference. 

 (4)  A new option has been added to the preferences from for standardizing string delimiters -- brackets are now provided as one of the alternatives.


  1. Jim,

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Some comments.

    Enhanced Ctrl+X,Ctrl+V - why not call it Enhanced Copy and Paste instead. While we may live off shortcut keys, some people don't. Also, Alt is usually used for menu accessors, it might be better as a ctrl+Shift+X, etc.

  2. Andrew,

    Enhanced Cut and Copy it will be then (not paste -- this did not include Ctrl+V).

    I'd love to be able to use combinations like Ctrl+Shift+X, but am unable to. I cannot use the Keypress event, since the focus is not on PEM Editor, but rather on a method being edited. Thus, I can only add things to the PEM Editor pull-down menu from the VFP main menu OR use ON KEY LABEL. Neither allows combinations of two or more special keys (shift, ctrl, alt)

  3. Hi Jim

    Thanks for the update. The F12 option is great I tried it and it makes indeed light work for adding a PEM

    I also tried Change Parent Class and I have the following points:
    1) In the Search Class dialog give a button Select, though the double-click worked.
    2) The Copy dialog to have all properties to be selected by default as the object disappeared for me when I clicked on the Copy button (would suggest Change as the caption).

    Kind regards

  4. Bhavbhuti --

    1) Yes, there should be a Select button
    2) Yes, 'Change' should be the caption for what is now the 'Copy' button. As for the object disappearing -- yes, that is because (for right now), the form comes up with nothing selected to copy to the new object! That's one of the things on the 'Planned Enhancements' list -- that is, that when the final screen comes up, all the items are checked.