Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogging about PEM Editor -- Finally

I've just returned from SW Fox 2010.  For me, it was the best of all the SouthWest Fox conferences (I've attended all seven of them) both in what I gained from the sessions themselves and also because of  the people I met and got to know.

I was most heartened by all the gracious comments made about PEM Editor, my hobby for the last two years.  As it happens, it seems people take the time to express their gratitude when they meet you in person a lot more frequently than they do otherwise. Lots of attendees approached me, speaking well of PEM Editor and thanking me for my work. I really appreciated that, although, to be honest, I have never thought of it as work -- everything I've done on it has been for fun.  I've learned, from my good friend Cesar Chalom, that it's time to stop when it's no longer fun.  And I'm not there yet.

I decided to blog about it for a few reasons:  to provide a place for discussions about suggested enhancements, for further descriptions and examples beyond what is in the help file (including examples provided by others), and (ahem!) maybe some more collaborators might show up for testing, documentation, etc.  (I can always dream).

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  1. Hey, nice blog. Can't wait to see some helpful PEM Editor tips and discussions posted here. By the way, congrats on winning a VFPx award this year. You kinda forgot to mention that part of SWFox 2010. You rock!