Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PEM Editor tip: Plug-Ins may now be saved in your path.

This is a new feature in version 6.50.

For versions of PEM Editor before 6.50, all Plug-Ins were to be saved in the folder 'Live Plug-Ins', a sub-folder of the folder where PEM Editor is installed.

Beginning with this release, you may store your Plug-Ins anywhere that they can be found in your path (but see the note below)..  Doing so allows you to have the file backed up as part of your normal program backup.  Since the current folder is always searched first, this also allows you to have different plug-ins to apply to different folders.

Important Note: To avoid possible conflicts with existing code in your path, the names for Plug-Ins in your path must begin with the prefix 'PEME_'.  For instance, the Plug-In 'CreateLocalsStatements.prg' would have to be renamed 'PEME_CreateLocalsStatements.prg' to be found in your path.

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