Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PEM Editor Version 6.50 Alpha released

Version 6.50 of PEM Editor is now ready for testing; download it from   PEM Editor Version 6.50 Alpha 11

This version has already undergone considerable testing, and the expectation is that it will be released as a Beta version on VFPx within three to four weeks.

In the meantime, the remaining new features will be documented in this blog, and work will begin on creating the necessary documentation for its release on VFPx.



  1. Just installed this release and created my very first dynamic snippet. (btw, is there a place to share this with everyone ?!)

    However i sometimes get an error when i call it, in pemeditor_main.extractparameters()
    on the 'Case' branch testing lcChar = '['
    on the line "If IsNameChar(lcLastChar)"
    where lcChar is "[" and lcLastChar is "=".
    in this particular situation

    The error says that IsNameChar() can't be found.

    Btw, i'm realy grateful for this one, however the hotkey thing is a little annoying.
    Could it be made so that intellisense will detect a special combination (@ or @@) when is fired on the keyword line, and it (itellisense) will look for the snippet prg and run it ?!

    Or something like <@ ... /@> (detects "/@>" as the trigger instead of using the hotkey)

    .. just checking possibilities :)

  2. Eduard --

    First of all -- glad to hear you are using Dynamic Snippets! I will have another post clarifying their usage within a week or so

    Secondly, thanks for the bug report -- the reference there was to an PRG named IsNameChar that should have been changed to a method called This.IsNameChar. This will be corrected in the next Alpha release (a day or two)

    Finally -- there simply has to be a hotkey, because there is no other way to cause any method in PEMEditor to execute. It is not possible to track the keystrokes when you are editing a method, so the only way to provide this feature is with a hotkey. (Yes, it is a little cumbersome, I agree). Note that intellisense is not involved here at all